Our team provides technical assistance to community partners to maximize the impact of their projects. Ideally, we work with community partners as a cohort to co-create a  learning community that builds knowledge among stakeholders and encourages peer-to-peer exchange and sharing.  

We focus our support in these areas:

  • Equity Assessment and Action Planning. We work to assess an organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts -- with an emphasis on the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender identity, and class.  Our review seeks to identify what works, what needs improvement, and where new strategies should be put in play.


  • Communications and Brand Development. We work to help an organization develop a communications plan and consider strategies to strengthen its brand equity through thought leadership, media placement, and community presence. We also provide writing, research, and design support for publications.


  • Development Infrastructure. We help organizations identify sustainable sources of revenue, systematize fundraising and donor tracking mechanisms, and select grant sources with the best chance of success for the organization. We help streamline organizational and operational narratives so that organizations have modular descriptions that can be adapted to multiple forms of information request or grant processes.


  • Strategic Planning. We help organizations understand past impact and make strategic decisions about emerging opportunities to develop a plan for the future.


  • Board Development. We support organizational efforts to build diverse boards with leaders committed to helping groups fulfill their mission through fundraising, influence, and leadership.


  • Evaluation. We help organizations evaluate their progress and identify areas for improvement to inform future progress.