Strategic planning is really about strategic thinking: How can we help you identify the best mix of programs, operations, and leadership to meet your goals?

We provide a facilitative process that engages you and your stakeholders in conversation about what works and what matters, identifying changes that you can make to improve your organization’s focus.

We also make use of qualitative and quantitative data to ensure the planning is grounded in the evolving needs of your consumers and community, so that any plan you put in place will optimize future impact.

What we don’t do is lift up one cookie-cutter methodology to guide strategic planning.  S.M.A.R.T., S.W.O.T., Balanced Scorecard -- you name them, we're probably familiar with them. Instead, we’ll leverage a variety of tools and years of consulting experience to facilitate a process and give you a product that best meets your needs.

Based on prior experience, we estimate that most organizations can undergo a thoughtful strategic planning process in under six months. As part of our strategic planning portfolio, we can include a strategic plan, executive summary, slide deck, and in-person presentation to your stakeholders.